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About Us

How did it all start?

Dot Bakery & Café started as a humble, unknown Instagram account, Madelienabakery, in our home kitchen in 2012. The account was barely noticeable and had any followers in the first year, yet we stuck with it as it is what we do and achieve in it was our passion. The account followers and orders started increasing gradually and steadily in the following years until we reach a point where it outgrew the capability of a single woman, who was still attending university at that time, and the home kitchen we worked from. That is when building another kitchen in our home to act as a small bakery was a necessity. After building the new kitchen and growing the team, the delivered orders saw a big jump. With it, the ambition for this company kept growing until 2017, where the decision to move out from to open one of a kind store in Hofuf and that is when Dot Bakery & Café was officially born.

As we started this company from “zero” in our home kitchen, we learned, by practice, the in and out of our craft, we learned the value and saw the immediate effect of good customer service, and we learned what our customers want and prefer and we tailored our menu to their taste.  Since we worked alone for the first five years, we read and listened to every comment from our customer base. Every positive comment was a fuel to drive our ambition forward. Every negative comment was a learning step, whether to improve product, delivery or customer service.

Now that we grew to be a big company, we still have those value. We knew the importance of this experience and these lessons and we used them as a base of the culture we have and we’d like to keep in Dot Bakery & Café.


Our Vision

Providing exceptional quality products and bakery for every family in the world.



We are passionate about the art of baking, from carefully selecting ingredients to optimizing baking processes


We believe that the hallmark of true innovation is not only the ability to produce baked goods that taste great, but also that they are healthy and nutritious


Our Mission


We aspire to bring creativity to our products, so that people find fun in these baked goods and search for everything new from our products.


We strive to provide our community with the information needed to make informed purchasing decisions, and also to motivate them to enter the job market


We are dedicated to creating a workplace where passion and purpose come together,

so that great creative ideas can be implemented

Small Idea


The Instagram account “Madelienabakery” was created.

Building a Bakery!


The company moved from the home kitchen to another dedicated kitchen, still within home.

The Decision


The decision came to open an actual store in Hofuf and plans for it started.

Store Opened


November 1st, 2018, Dot Bakery & Café opened for the first time.



As we found success and the amount of orders became bigger than the small bakery in the shop, the decision came to build a central bakery to be a base of future expansion.

Central Bakery


June 1st, 2020, after delays to due COVID19, the move to central bakery completed.

Second Branch


September 2nd, 2020, the second branch in Al-Moosa College, Dot Bakery Jr., officially opened. It is a small corner in the collage to serve students and staff with Dot delicious products.

Third Branch 


November 1st, 2021, the third branch in AlKhobar, officially opened. It is a small branch infant of the amazing sea.

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